Tales of the Three Tanks

A Proper Rescue

The End of Chapter One

Back to the Swamp, Again

When morning rises, the party heads out into the mist-covered swamp. They note that the small animal life is already returning since the goblins left. The trip is is wet and smelly, but otherwise they are not accosted on the path to the tower. Upon reaching the clearing around the tower and pond, they discover hundreds of crows feeding on the corpses left behind after the battle. The crows are none too happy about the sudden disturbance, and take to the air as one, swarming over the rescuers.

The murder of crows is dispersed fairly quickly, leaving a few dozen dead, but not before the abrasive claws and feathers scratch up the eyes of Folwyn and Kedda. The two of them are rendered temporarily blinded. Not wanting to waste resources unnecessarily, the party decides to press on into the tower regardless, guided by Kerowyn. They find nothing but picked-clean goblin remains until returning to the back basement room where they discovered the imposter. A more thorough search of this room reveals a hatch hidden under the straw. This leads to a ladder down to another level, dark and mysterious.

This sub-basement chamber is lit with dim, blue, shifting light from a mysterious black well. Lady Kara is lying in one corner, bound and gagged. In the way are two unusual creatures – tall and grey with bony blades instead of arms and legs, knelt over a basin into which is draining the blood of a large snake. The party determines that a fight is inevitable, so Kerowyn passes off the last of her healing potions to her comrades to restore their sight. The strange creatures prove to be able opponents, springing and tumbling around the battle on the tips of their limb-blades. They, too, are put down swiftly by the heroes, but their agility allows the pair to lash out with a score of blows in that short time, doing significant damage to the whole party. With the guards slain, Lady Kara is quickly released from her bonds and, after being calmed by Folwyn, leaves with the party.

They’re not completely out of the woods yet, so to speak. On the way out of the swamp, a back of oversized rats tries to snack on the party. The sheer number of rodents takes some time to finish off, but the damage taken is minimal. Lady Kara was bit, but not seriously injured, and of her own volition helped to fight off the vermin with Kerowyn’s mace.

Leaving Braman Behind

Upon returning to Braman, the party regroups and resupplies, preparing to depart with the Baron. Amongst the items left with Shepherd Dreller to be analyzed was Nabru Pem‘s lantern, the nature of which baffles Dreller; he suggests the party take it to an acquaintance of his in Montressor by the name of Timmon, a cleric of Wee Jas, goddess of death, magic, and mysteries. Baron Montressor arrives mid-morning of the next day, and spends the afternoon in discussion with Braman’s mayor. He bids the party to return to Montressor with him, and they all set out the following morning. About noon of the the day following, they arrive in Montressor, where the Baron dismisses the party for the rest of the day. After seeking out a few more supplies, the party sets off to find the Wee Jas cleric Shepherd Dreller referred them to.

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