Tales of the Three Tanks


Driving Out the Goblins

Finished on Oct 6

A Back Door

The party returns to the swamp, meeting Kress’nik and his band. Kress’nik lays down the plan and some justifications for his actions. After he’s done, his band leads the party to the edge of a massive spider web that stretches over the surface of the swamp. It is heavy enough to support armored humans, but the spiders keep the goblins out. Of course, that means that the party has to fight off some of the spiders themselves, but that manage to do so fairly easily.

Once they’re through the web, it’s only a quick slog through shallow water to the clearing where the tower lies, but this is the heart of the goblin’s claim. A pair of riders finds them in the brush and attacks, but the party puts on a great display of martial prowess and takes them down with easy.

Battle for the Tower

The party came to the clearing at the front of the tower; it stands in a deep pond, an island unto itself. The bridge is narrow, but the Lizardfolk got them very close to it. It is guarded by a pair of Worgs and a few goblin guards. A few groups patrol around the clearing, and on the far side is the main goblin camp, full of warriors as well as elderly and children. The party makes a quick plan and launches a volley of arrows at the Worgs. They then charge in, taking down the beasts quickly and beginning the battle in full. The Lizardfolk warriors, and a few giant crocodiles they’ve captured, set into the goblin horde proper while smaller strike teams, including Kress’nik’s, take out the patrols. The party takes the bridge, and Kress’nik’s band follows them into the tower.

Inside are a few more guards. Kress’nik’s band heads upward to take out archers that are harrying the Lizardfolk outside, so the party heads down into the dark basement levels. Two levels down, they find a pair of guards keeping watch over a double door. The goblins make some vague threats about stopping the party from reaching their Prophet, but are quickly cut down. They die still confident that the party cannot stand up to Nabru Pem, their leader.

The party enters the guarded room to find only darkness, even suppressing their torch’s light. They find the corpse of a young Black Dragon, which the Lizardfolk had told them inhabited the tower before the Goblins came, resting on a sizeable pile of treasure. They cannot stop to consider it for long, though, as something is slinging spells at them. Their frustration builds as they search for the hiding caster, until a Goblin in tattered black robes reveals himself to draw them into a field of black fire it has summoned. When the Goblin Prophet disappears again to snipe from the darkness, the party retreats to the hall outside to regroup. The recovery time pays off, as Nabru Pem is forced to come to them as his spells run low. The Goblin is nimble and magically armored, but can’t keep up with three dedicated swordsmen – after a long struggle, the Prophet is finally slain.

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