Tales of the Three Tanks

First Incursion

The Adventure Begins

On a Mission

After learning the details of the situation from the Braman locals, Kerowyn, Kedda, and Folwyn depart for the swamp. On their way out, a mysterious Halfling woman stops them, claiming she has something they need to see. They agree to go with her, and she leads them to a run-down cabin on the edge of the village. Inside is a Goblin, bound and gagged. She explains that she captured it leaving from one of the raids on the village. The team interrogates it, and confirms some of what they were told by the townsfolk but doesn’t learn much more. They leave the Goblin to the Halfling’s mercy and head out.

Once in the swamp, it doesn’t take long for them to find Goblins. A small ambush proves ineffective, but one of them escapes. The party proceeds on, running into a few more Goblin assailants, which they defeat without much trouble. When they reach a fork in the path, one Goblin sniper attacks them, obviously trying to bait them into following it. The party refuses, and takes the other path.


As it happens, the Goblins had a good reason for trying to force a confrontation on the path they chose. The other proves to be home to a nest of shocker lizards. The creatures’ blasts of electricity are hard for the party to resist, incapacitating Kedda and seriously hurting Folwyn and Kerowyn. The last of the lizards are just defeated, and Kedda stabilized by Kerowyn, when nine armed Lizardfolk come out of the water, bellowing.

Their leader approaches the party, but does not attack. He introduces himself as Kress’nik, and makes a proposal of mutual assistance. The Lizardfolk want the Goblin invaders gone, but they’ve taken some significant losses in skirmishes and need all the manpower they can get for their main attack. They offer to show the party a way to avoid the Goblins if they coordinate their strikes. The party needs a chance to recover, so they agree to meet the next day, then head back to Braman. Shepherd Dreller and his acolytes offer healing assistance to the party, allowing them to recover fully for the next day’s assault.

This day’s chat log



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