Tales of the Three Tanks


All's not as it seems...


With the Goblin Prophet slain, the party gathers up the spoils and uses Nabru Pem’s key to open the door in the back. It opens into a small, round room, where they find Lady Kara, weeping, lying on a pile of old straw for a bed. She returns back upstairs with them, where they rejoin Kress’nik and his strike team. He tells them that the goblins have been routed and bids them well before they go their separate ways.

Or not…

There is much fuss when they party returns to Braman with Lady Kara. She expresses her desire to be left alone and retires to her quarters. Meanwhile, the party regroups and gets healing at the chapel, where they also leave several items from the goblins’ and dragon’s horde for Shepherd Dreller to analyze for them. While eating dinner, the enigmatic Halfling woman visits them with a disturbing theory. Lady Kara’s guards think something is amiss. Their captain is dismissive of the notion, but the Halfling is inclined to trust the guards’ instincts. She asks for the party’s assistance in confirming or refuting the suspicion.

The four of them proceed to the cottage that has been turned over for Lady Kara’s lodging. While Folwyn and the rest of the party starts an argument with the guards outside, the Halfling slips in behind them by going over the house from the back. Folwyn pushes past the guards to follow her in, leaving Kedda and Kerowyn to keep the guards outside busy. He gets inside just in time to see the Halfling knocking out the second of the guards inside. With no one left to disturb them, the two enter the Lady’s room and hold a quick conversation. The Halfling delivers a bag of fresh fruit to Kara, then swiftly ends the conversation. Folwyn follows her back out, then the whole party goes off a little way to learn what the Halfling discovered. She tells them that the person they think is Lady Kara is not her; someone or something is hiding under a glamer illusion.

The party returns to the cabin again to confront the imposter. Playing off the guards’ suspicions and Folwyn’s nobility, the party manages to gain their cooperation. The Halfling is hanging back for now, as she did attack two of the guards earlier and isn’t interested in getting involved in a big fight, anyway. After baiting the false Lady Kara for several minutes, they finally provoke action, revealing a green Hag. Four guards rush in to assist, and pay heavily; the Hag eviscerates three of them and wounds the last before the party can take her down.

The Search Resumes

After explaining the events to local leaders, the party leaves the surviving three guards to control the situation while they return to the swamp to seek out the real Lady Kara. They reach the edge of the swamp in the middle of the night and decide it is more prudent to wait for morning light than press on in the dark.

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