Tales of the Three Tanks

The Marsh Kings: An Introduction

Original Introduction

The Problem

This week was meant to be the centennial celebration for Braman. The village is small, but has important orchards, so the Baron sent his daughter Kara as a representative to the festival to honour the village’s contributions to his province. Braman is normally a quiet village, far from any danger from the wild races that roam the plains or highwaymen that harry the busier roads. Unfortunately, no one realized that a tribe of goblins had recently moved into the marsh only a few hours walk away.

The first two days of the festival were fantastic. On the second night of the festival, however, some of the goblins broke into the the Lady Kara’s chambers for the celebration and kidnapped her. The goblins are now declaring themselves to be the Marsh Kings and are demanding the village give them recognition and tribute. The citizens of Braman, as well as the guards that came with Lady Kara, are desperate to recover her before word spreads back to the Baron. Though their resources are limited, they are calling on every friend they have whose skills may be of use in the retrieval of the young noblewoman.

Kara’s guards, along with a local retired military officer and the town’s priest, tried to make an expedition into the swamp to retrieve her, but were forced back by repeated ambushes along the path. The goblins now make nightly raids on the village’s resources. Those remaining in town are hard-pressed defending the village and lack the manpower to launch another sortie into the bog.

The Solution

The town’s leaders managed to persuade the goblins that they needed ten days to send word to the Baron and recieve their official reply, instead using that time to send word to a few adventurers they’ve befriended in the last few years. It is now day four, and two freelance adventurers plus one minor noble have arrived to take up the task. The goblins are waiting impatiently, but are still waiting. The Baron, however, will be made aware of the situation soon, and Braman’s leaders desperately want to have Lady Kara back safely before he comes to Braman himself.

Through local knowledge and what small bits of intelligence the people have managed to gather, they have established a fair idea of where the Lady Kara will be held – there is an old tower in the swamp, an island in deep water. A few paths lead there safely, but they are all watched by goblin snipers. Off the path, the bog is equally dangerous – quicksand, deep pools, and any number of crawling and slithering creatures. Prepared for these dangers, the three bold fighters set off on their rescue mission.

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