Baron Montressor

The Baron Celadyn da'Montressor, aging nobleman of good repute


Lord of the Montressor Barony, and liege of the minor nobility therein. His title gives him access to several productive iron mines and vineyards, plus a few other agricultural operations and small timber industry, as well as the support of four lesser noble families, including the da’Janecke clan. He has never had to prove himself in any significant battle, but is reported to be a highly skilled strategist and competent swordsman.


Celadyn da’Montressor has been Baron Montressor for over two decades, after inheriting the title from his father at the age of 26. He has three children, the eldest being Lady Kara da’Montressor. During his time as baron, he has gained a reputation for generosity, but stern justice. Trade has thrived under his reign, improving the general wealth of his people and bringing in more craftsmen to work the local resources of metals and wood, which in turn helps support the greater trade. Montressor arms and armors are slowly gaining notoriety across the empire.

Baron Montressor

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