Tales of the Three Tanks

A New Quest


The Mission

Upon arriving in Janecke, the party split as Folwyn went to see his nephew Tralced and the others regrouped in town. Folwyn, while dining with Tralced, was tasked with recovering his family’s ancestral armor, stolen from the field of battle generations ago. It vanished soon after, and its likely resting place has only recently been rediscovered by scholars. Having a plot-relevant lack of luck in finding companions suited to the ancient artificer’s lab he must infiltrate, Folwyn reluctantly tracks down Kedda at a local tavern and offers him a place in the adventure. Kerowyn, having nothing better to do after a day at market, is also at the tavern and agrees to come along as well. The three of them set out the next morning, arriving at their destination without trouble, a stony flood-meadow, two days later.

The group searches for a sign of the buried lab complex of the ancient mad artificer Jualen. They find what they seek in an outcropping of worked stone, which proves to be the top of a large chimney, when cleared of vegetation. The trio climbs down and finds themselves in the forge of an old workshop. Despite being abandoned for generations, the building is clean and well-lit. While exploring, the party encountered numerous traps left behind by the old mechanic: giant axes, hidden pits, blades the sprang from the floor, spears that shot from the walls, even a portcullis that threatened to crush the first to cross under it. The old complex was not entirely abandoned, either; mechanical, acid-spitting cockroaches clean it, while automated suits of armor guard its rooms and iron-skinned snake constructs patrol its halls.

The party made it through all this, only to find themselves at a dead-end in a room with two sets of levers and a pair of heavy metal doors. An iron grate divides the room, keeping them from one set of levers and another hallway out. After spending much time trying the levers to no avail, Folwyn and Kerowyn left Kedda behind as they sought a way to reach the other side of the room and solve this puzzle.

To be concluded…



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