Tales of the Three Tanks

More Dungeon Crawling

The quest continues


Folwyn and Kerowyn, having left Kedda in the lever room, discovered a whole other wing to the dungeon which they needed to navigate to reach the other side of the puzzle lock. After taking out a pair of the armor-guards, they found themselves in a hallway trapped with spears that lowered from the ceiling and a small impish creature that was quite perturbed when they set off said trap. The two managed to take out the rock-spewing mephit in a long but not too taxing fight, then proceed on through a few empty rooms without incident to the lever room. After much discussion and consulting of diagrams acquired earlier, they managed to open the lock and proceed into the vault.

Inside the vault, they first had to destroy a spell-slinging turret. Its self-healing caused the fight to drag on, but they managed to fight through its mind and force magics to smash it, slowly but surely. After ducking an arrow trap, they looted an armory full of masterfully crafted weapons and siege engines, and decided that a similar armor vault held nothing they needed. Continuing around the vault, they found a chamber with a handful of items on special display, guarded by a large golem forged of twisted metal. As Folwyn tried to slip around the outside to retrieve his ancestral armor, the golem began its attack.

To be concluded…

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