Tales of the Three Tanks

Revenge Served Hot

Danger Follows You Everywhere

Mystery and Ceremony

Having finished their shopping, the party went to the Temple of Wee Jas to find Brother Timmon. After an acolyte greeted them and announced them to Timmon, he took them to his study, where he examined the Dark Lantern. While he was doubtful at first that anything was truly that unusual about the lantern, the longer he examined it, the more his interest grew. He eventually took it to his superior, and together they decided that it merited a more thorough study. They took it off the party’s hands, and paid Kedda and Kerowyn for their troubles.

That evening, one of the Baron‘s servants readied the party for the ceremony the next morning. The next day, the court saw Sir Folwyn da’Janecke, Knight of the Baron, Madam Kerowyn of Braman, Daughter of Hummel Blacksmith, and Master Kedda the Wanderer formally recognized by Baron Montressor, and honored with formal tokens of his appreciation.

Duel to the Death

As they were finishing their lunch, the party was interrupted by a messenger, who frantically declared that a creature had come out of the lake and was demanding a duel with Folwyn in revenge for the death of a sister. The party armed themselves and headed out without delay. At a vacant fishing wharf, they found a hideous, yellow-skinned hag. Her horrid appearance was enhanced by an arcane aura that struck Folwyn off-guard, weakening him before the fight could even begin. The hag quickly called up a pair of Merrow to assist her, and the six of them began to fight in earnest. The hag was quickly cut down, which only enraged the Merrow further. The sea-ogres fought brutally, taking advantage of raw strength and the reach their massive longspears gave them. The party was pushed to the limit, and Folwyn fell in the battle, but survived his wounds to fight another day.

No One Is Safe

After spending several days recuperating, as well as replenishing and enhancing their supplies, the party set out north to report to the court at Janecke. Mid-afternoon of their first day of travel, they passed into a shepherding village called Terrace. There, a peasant woman anxiously begged their aid. She escorted them swiftly through the streets of the small town to a small park at an intersection. There, they saw a jester, dressed in every shade of grey, entertaining about a dozen children, and two guards. All were fixated on the performer, unaware of the rest of the world – the clown has done something to the children of Terrace.

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