• Baron Montressor

    Baron Montressor

    The Baron Celadyn da'Montressor, aging nobleman of good repute
  • Brother Timmon

    Brother Timmon

    Cleric of Wee Jas, based at temple in Montressor
  • Corbin


    Primary Provider of Potions for the Party
  • Kerowyn, The Blacksmiths Daughter

    Kerowyn, The Blacksmiths Daughter

    Kerowyn is the daughter of Hummel, the blacksmith of Braman. Working with weapons and armor each day, Kerowyn grew to have an affinity for swinging weapons and she quickly honed her skills. One day, the need for a hero arised and Kerowyn was there.
  • Kress'nik


    Lizardfolk War Chief from the Swamps near Braman
  • Lady Kara da'Montressor

    Lady Kara da'Montressor

    A Promising Noblewoman, Eldest Child and Heir Apparent of Baron Montressor
  • Nabru Pem

    Nabru Pem

    Goblin Prophet, Deceased Leader of Failed Braman Swamp Occupation
  • Shepherd Dreller

    Shepherd Dreller

    Cleric of Ehlonna, Head of Braman Chapel
  • unnamed Halfling woman

    unnamed Halfling woman

    A Mysterious Halfling Woman from Braman
  • Vidame Tralced da'Janecke

    Vidame Tralced da'Janecke

    Nephew and Vidame of Folwyn