Kerowyn, The Blacksmiths Daughter

Kerowyn is the daughter of Hummel, the blacksmith of Braman. Working with weapons and armor each day, Kerowyn grew to have an affinity for swinging weapons and she quickly honed her skills. One day, the need for a hero arised and Kerowyn was there.


Level 5 Fighter
AC – 18
Flat – 16
Touch – 12

Hp – 41

Initiative – +2
Fortitude – +6
Reflex – +3
Will – +1

Power Attack
Spring Attack
Weapon Focus – Great sword
Weapon Specialization – Great sword


Being the daughter of Hummel, the Blacksmith of Braman, Kerowyn often spend time assisting her father to both his enjoyment and chagrin at her not being very lady-like. Kerowyn enjoyed working particularly with weapons and became very skilled at creating extremely sharp and beautiful blades. After creating the blades, Kerowyn would become a courier and deliver them to the different men who had placed the orders. On one such occasion, she was asked to make a special blade with serrated edges as a gift to a noble man named Sir Edgar Roth of Montlucan, a village nearby to her own. On her way to Sir Roth’s estate she was approached by a band-like band of bandits, attempting to prey on a lone female. Having only the gift, since she had never been attacked before, she drew her blade and tested her workmanship. Sir Roth on that day happened to be in his tower and just so happened to see a lone woman walk out of a 5 to 1 encounter. Sir Roth quickly mounted and proceeded to go and meet this mysterious woman. Upon meeting her however, he learned that this was the woman delivering his new blade and he believing a lady should not have blood all over her, he invited her to his residence. After a food days of food and shelter and being sure he did receive his gift, Sir Roth lent her a few guards to escort her back to Braman. On that trip she became friends with the two guards, Holden and Ramkin, and although it was only a full days journey, she learned much about swordsmanship and fighting in general from them. When it was finally time for them to part ways Kerowyn found herself sad that it had to end and hoped that she would meet them again one day, especially Holden, whom she found herself thinking of many weeks later. During these weeks Kerowyn returned to helping her father in the forge, however she also began spending her free time in the taverns and inns, meeting many wandering mercenarys and learning as much as she could from their experiences. As she grew, so did her courage until one day, a monstrous boar attacked the village. Soon everyone was off the streets and Kerowyn stood, face to face with the boar as the villagers watched. It was on this day that Kerowyn became a hero. Soon the excitement of battle and adventure presented itself on her doorstep when Lady Kara of Montressor came to her village and was then mysteriously kidnapped. When heroes were asked to save her, all eyes turned to Kerowyn, however, two other brave souls stepped forward, Kedda and Folwyn da’Janecke to accompany her on this new journey.

Kerowyn, The Blacksmiths Daughter

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